A Points Promotion Worth Your Time – JetBlue & Amazon

A Points Promotion Worth Your Time – JetBlue & Amazon

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In 2015, the Huffington Post reported that Amazon Prime members spend about $1,500 a year in purchases on Amazon – the giant online everything store. For some, that sounds about right – for other’s, it’s under the mark.

Wouldn’t it be nice to earn some extra points for your Amazon purchases?

Portal payouts for Amazon are usually a paltry 1%. Aside from the Amazon credit card from Chase, the Chase Freedom and Discover IT cards offer 5% cash back/points during some quarters of the year, capped at $1,500 in spend over the three month period.

Occasionally, AMEX offers give 2 or 3 points per dollar at Amazon.

You can still earn these. And more.

Enter JetBlue’s newest promotion and enhanced partnership with Amazon, giving customers an unprecedented 3 points/dollar spent at Amazon.com.

The catch?

You need to use a link via your JetBlue’s TrueBlue page.

Sign into your TrueBlue account (or create one for free) and navigate to the TrueBlue section of JetBlue’s webpage.

From there click ‘Our Partners’

JetBlue TrueBlue Home

You’ll notice the first featured option is with Amazon – click through that and you’ll be brought to the landing page for the partnership and promotion.

JetBlue TrueBlue Amazon2

Be sure to click ‘Shop and Earn’ – this is your unique link which will track your purchases and ultimately reward you the points.


You can read the entire FAQ on the landing page, but here are some of the takeaways.

  1. Points should post within 60 days of product purchased – All promotions list a timetable, but TrueBlue points have been known to post faster from promotions.
  2. What’s excluded?
    Some exclusions
    Some exclusions

    One item not listed is Prime Now purchases. My guess, however, is that they’re excluded. Though you can access the TrueBlue link from an online webpage and then shop via Chrome/Safari on your phone, Prime Now is an app – not a site. For now, anyways.

Is this stackable?

I don’t see why not! If you have a credit card which earns bonus points on Amazon, you’d still earn that bonus AND the TrueBlue point bonus by using your unique link.

Bottom line

While the unique link adds a step, at 3 points per dollar it can be very lucrative. Even $1,500 a year in shopping equals 4,500 TrueBlue points – with JetBlue’s frequent sales, that can be enough for a one-way flight – and all you’ve had to do was use a link.

Get shopping!

-The Miner

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