About Me

The first time I redeemed an award ticket was during my college years. I had earned enough miles on American Airlines for a one-way domestic award. It felt amazing at the time – knowing I had saved myself about $150. While it probably wasn’t the best use of my miles, it was all I knew.

I truly started collecting miles and points after college, when I had my own income. Being involved in this hobby has allowed me to fly business class all over the world for a minimal cost. Without miles and points, I’d never have been able to do it.

great wall mc
A top the Great Wall of China

There are lots of travel hacking, credit card enthusiasts and miles and points blogs out there; so how’s this one different?

This blog will aim to inform you about the best uses of miles and points and how to maximize all your credit card spending. Many blogs focus on all kinds of deals: gift cards, toasters, and TVs. The only deals I’ll post are related to travel (and maybe coffee).

Thanks for your support and continued readership!

-The Miner

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