Citi Prestige – New Sign-up and Benefits Revealed

Citi Prestige – New Sign-up and Benefits Revealed

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Last week I discussed that the Citi Prestige would be changing – at the time, it was not clear to what it would change to, exactly.

This bonus will change Tuesday - to what? Only time will tell.

At first, some information was “leaked” that Admiral’s Club access when flying same day AA ticketed flights was ending in July 2017 (a year from now) and that earning 2X ThankYou Points on dining was going away completely.

So what does the Citi Prestige look like now?

The Bad

Let’s start with the bad (so we have something to look forward to!)

  • Sign-up bonus is decreasing from 50,000 ThankYou Points to 40,000
  • Spending is now $4,000 in three months instead of $3,000
  • Admiral’s Club Access is ending July 24, 2017

citi prestige new bonus

While the decrease in the bonus isn’t horrible (nor is the extra bit of spending), the primary reason I kept this card for the year was to have access to Admiral’s Club.

The good-ish news is that even if you sign up today, you’ll still have it for a year, just like anyone who signed up before.

I wonder if they’ll lower the annual fee next July or often some other compensation for card members.

The Good

  • Airline fee credit of $250 staying the same
  • Dining category still exists
  • 4th Hotel Night Free Benefit remaining (for those who take advantage of it, anyways)
  • $100.00 Global Entry credit/reimbursement
  • Redemption of ThankYou points on AA metal flights will remain at 1.66 cent/point

I think the biggest surprise was that the 4th Night Hotel Free Benefit is still remaining.

Is it worth it?

The unfortunate thing is that the Prestige card is Citi’s only ThankYou card currently offering a sign-up bonus. Both the Premier and Preferred don’t have a bonus. So if you’re in need of ThankYou points, then yes, it probably is worth it. You can always sign up, get the bonus, and cancel within 37 days of the annual fee posting to get it refunded.


I would never sign-up for a premium credit card like the AMEX Platinum when it was at its lowest sign-up of 40,000 Membership Rewards. I don’t think any of my readers would either (I hope not, anyways).

With the exception of those needing ThankYou points, this card will probably be on the list of “I’ve gotten every other Citi card, so I have to get this, too.” Until then, for $450, I’d hold off.

50,000 Point Offer Link

Here’s a working link of the 50,000 offer. No telling how long it will remain up. Also, TAKE SCREENSHOTS if Citi gives you trouble once you’re approved.

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