Citi Prestige Sign-Up Bonus Changing on Tuesday?

Citi Prestige Sign-Up Bonus Changing on Tuesday?

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Rumor in the blogosphere it that the Citi Prestige sign-up bonus will be changing on Tuesday.

This bonus will change Tuesday - to what? Only time will tell.

This bonus will change Tuesday – to what? Only time will tell.

Bloggers with affiliate links have been informed by their masters respective affiliate networks that they need to pull the current Citi Prestige links down by Monday at midnight.

Last time this happened with Citi, it was for their ThankYou Premier card. The Premier card went from 50,000 ThankYou points in three months to 40,000 ThankYou Points and now, zero.

There’s been lots of speculation, and the most popular one is that Citi’s marketing team did so well that they hit their quota for sign-ups and ran out of acquisition bonuses to award new card members. Since then, no word on when/if it will come back, though I’m sure it will at some point.

The same speculation has been applied to the Prestige card. Only time will tell.

Why It Won’t Go Up

In the world of miles and points, the Prestige card is unbalanced. It offers too many and too costly benefits for Citi to maintain in a world of constant devaluation. 

Currently, the card’s benefits are:

  • 3X ThankYou Points on Airfare and Hotels
  • 2X ThankYou Points Dining and Entertainment
  • 1X ThankYou Point on all other purchases
  • $250.00 Airline Credit — Unlike AMEX, this can actually go towards a ticket cymbalta 30 mg.
  • Priority Lounge Access for you and a guest
  • American Airlines Admiral’s club access for you and a guest when ticketed on a same-day AA itinerary
  • Hotel 4th Night Free Benefit – Pay for four consecutive nights with your card and get reimbursed for the 4th night (essentially 25% off your hotel stay)
  • $100 Global Entry or TSA-Precheck Reimbursement
  • Transfer your ThankYou points to a host of airline partners, or redeem for 1.6 points per dollar on American Airlines flights.
Those examples sure do look enticing...

Those examples sure do look enticing…

There are some pretty sweet benefits on this card, but as a premium credit card, it comes with a cost: $450.00 annual fee. That’s hefty. Even with that, it is, as mentioned, unbalanced. Though I’ve never taken advantage of the 4th Night Free benefit, it probably costs Citi a pretty penny!

I opened up the Prestige last May and recently closed it when the annual fee came due again. I really liked the card for it’s earning categories, airline fee credit, good value when redeeming on paid AA flights, and AA Lounge Access. However, for the foreseeable future, I won’t be on many AA flights to make it worth it. Though ThankYou points are good for redeeming on AA metal when there are no award seats available, I’m fresh out of ThankYou points! I do still have my Citi Premier open which earns me ThankYou Points and the ability to transfer to partners.

There’s a great article by The Free-quent Flyer where he discusses the actual value of the benefits for the average flyer–after all, he explains, being a travel hacker is about spending the least amount of money as possible. $450.00 is not least, even with the benefits. (It’s short, informative and worth the read).

So Why Even Bring It To Your Attention?

If you’re savvy, you can get value out of it. And more practically:

If you were going to apply for this card anyways, now is the time. And don’t wait until Tuesday, July 19. 

And, if the bonus miraculously goes up, then you can probably get matched by Citi.

I’ve already had this card and Citi’s churning rules restrict me from getting this product for another 24 months. My wife, however, has not had it.

I have until Monday to decide.

-The Miner

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