Hawaiian Airlines Pulls a Delta Skymiles: Over 550 Flights, One Saver Business Class Seat

Hawaiian Airlines Pulls a Delta Skymiles: Over 550 Flights, One Saver Business Class Seat

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For the New Year, my wife and I were supposed to be in Hawaii and Sydney. Unfortunately, we were unable to go and had to cancel and reschedule our trip.

I had originally booked us from Honolulu to Sydney on Hawaiian Airlines’ flight for 40,000 miles each way, per person, for a total of 80,000 miles. From the U.S. to Australia that’s not too bad. It was in coach; however, I’ve flown Hawaiian’s coach on their A330s and it’s not bad as the seat configuration is 2 x 4 x 2.

If you can snag the 2 seats on either side of the plane, you’re in for a much more comfortable ride.

Hawaiian Award Chart

Hawaiian has several level for booking award seats. The first in each class of service is the cheapest (the “saver” vs the “standard”). These “Super Saver” fares are the ones which allow you to book certain flights on partner airlines.


  1. Super Saver
  2. Coach Saver
  3. Coach Flex


  1. First/Business Saver
  2. First/Business Flex

For reference, here’s the award chart.

Hawaiian Airlines Award Chart

Business Class Availability

Having figured out new dates when we could go (to just Hawaii), I started my search, resigned to the fact that I now had 80,000 excess Hawaiian Airlines miles in my account. I was definitely okay flying coach – after all, I had done it before and it was a more than fine experience. But then… a unicorn!

40,000 Hawaiian Miles for First/Business class seats in the new business class seats.

It was reported in May of 2016 that Hawaiian would be updating their business class product to fully flat seats across their fleet. There was slim chance it would be installed on their aircraft which flies form New York to Honolulu and back so quickly. Alas, that was updated and the first fully flat equipped A330 will fly on February 19. I depart February 20 – that means I’ll probably be the second or third person in that seat. How exciting!

Here’s how you know you’ll be flying the new Hawaiian Airlines business class:

2 x 2 x2 – 18 seats total

So, how do you find award prices for Hawaiian?

Unfortunately, they do not have an easy to use award calendar (like Delta), but they do have something a step up from British Airways.

I searched everyday from February 20 to December 14 – for 1 passenger – and found zero business saver award seats. By zero I don’t mean one – I mean zero!

That’s 297 days.

There were plenty of Business Flex fares which cost 80,000 one-way – no thank you, Hawaiian.

If you’re searching on Expert Flyer here are the award fare classes

  • Business Saver = D
  • Business Flex = P

Here’s what one specific day looks like on Expert Flyer

7 Business Flex / Upgrade seats

And not a single seat available at the Saver level.

And for the way back?

*Gasp* They do exist!

Sweet, sweet, Business Saver awards.

This was the only day – out of 297 – that I was able to find First/Business Saver award seats.

I guess I got lucky.

Bottom line

The bigger story here is that there is only one – out of almost 600 flights – First/Business Saver award seat. I’d say this smells like Delta Skymiles to me, but at least they release some Saver business class seats.

And specifically for Hawaii, United, Delta and American operate several routes with fully flat seating from cities like New York, Atlanta, and Washington D.C. Their award pricing is about the same, too. The availability may not be plentiful, but they do offer some award seats.

-The Miner

Featured image courtesy of Hawaiian Airlines

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