jetBlue Will Match Your Points – Worth it?

jetBlue Will Match Your Points – Worth it?

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On the heels of their easy and amazing Mosaic Status Match, jetBlue is again looking to capture clients from the upcoming Alaska and Virgin America merger with a points match.

They’ve done the status match, now they’re doing a points match. It’s exactly how it sounds, but there are some rules to follow:

  • Apply for the points match, once approved…
  • …You must submit a screenshot with your name and current Virgin America elevate points no later than Monday, July 4. (Don’t wait until the last minute!)
  • You then must take one round trip flight on jetBlue before August 31, 2016 – again, don’t wait until the last minute!

What They’ll Match:

B6 Points Match

The sweet spot here is in red.

You only need 50,001 to get 75,000 jetBlue points.

Who This is Good For

If you already have Virgin America points, then you have nothing to lose (even if you don’t take the flight, though it may be worth it, depending on how cheap the flight is).

Though you can transfer Membership Rewards (MR), Citi ThankYou Points (TYP) and SPG, the first two transfer at a 200:100. Practically, if you have 1000,000 TYPs or MR you’ll only get 50,000. So you’d have to transfer 102,000 to get the sweet spot above 50,001 for a total of 51,000 (after the transfer).


What everyone is talking about transferring are your precious SPG points.


SPG transfer 1:1 except when you are transferring 20,000 points. For every 20,000 point increment, SPG will give you a 5,000 point bonus. So if you transfer 40,001 points from SPG to Virgin America, you’d receive 50,001 points, enough to receive 75,000 jetBlue points.

This is a really good deal. You’d be transferring 40,000 to receive 10,000 bonus PLUS 75,000 jetBlue points. Even with the flight of $150.00 or so, it’s a win-win.

I think that this promotion is only good for those flush with SPG points. With AMEX cards (both personal and business) now once-in-a-lifetime, your transferred SPG points from a bonus, let’s say, is all you’ll get outside of spending and staying at properties on cash stays.

Who This is Not So Good For

  • Low SPG balances
  • Membership Rewards hoarders/holders
  • Will not take a jetBlue flight by August 31, 2016.

I value membership rewards very highly and at 200:100, I’d need to transfer 121,000 Membership Rewards to Virgin Elevate to receive the match from jetBlue. After those jetBlue points post, I’d only net 25,000 points.

True, not all of them are equal, but I value my Membership Rewards higher than jetBlue. There are a lot of redemeptions to be had with that many MRs.

Even if you live in a jetBlue hub or focus city (Boston, JFK, Puerto Rico, Long Beach), really analyze if you would use your points to fly jetBlue. Remember: TrueBlue points operate like Southwest points–they’re based on the price of the ticket. In my experience, whenever I want to take jetBlue (after my successful status match), other airlines are cheaper.

One last thing: you could argue that Citi TYPs are not as valuable as MR so those, which also transfer 200:100 may be worth it. I found a lot of value in mine, flying on AA–especially on cheap flights–flights cheaper than jetBlue that also earn qualifying flying miles.

What would swing my decision is if I was a Caribbean junky. jetBlue offers some of the most non-stops to many, if not all, of the Caribbean islands. TrueBlue points can certainly get you to many of them, sometimes for fairly few miles.

The green are all the direct flights from JFK.
The green are all the direct flights from JFK.

So before you make the jump to transfer any of your currencies, really think long and hard about this move: because there are no take backs.


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