Limited Time Credit Card Offers – Sign Up Now!

Limited Time Credit Card Offers – Sign Up Now!

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There are some limited time card offers I want to share, so get on them now… With strategies on how to get them all at the same time. After all, that’s what churning is all about!

Marriott – 80,000/$3,000 + 7,500 points for adding an authorized user – $89 annual fee, not waived, expiring soon

marriott limited time 80k

Starwood Preferred Guest Personal 35,000/$3,000 -Expires March 30, 2016, annual fee waived first year



Starwood Preferred Guest Business – 35,000/$5,000 – Expires March 30, 2016, annual fee waived first year

Citi Hilton Visa Signature – 75,000/$2,000 – Expires soon, annual fee waived for the first year

citi hilton 75k

Strategy: Can you get all three at the same time?

Yes, you certainly can.

Here’s how you can do it (and I would and have):

Card 1: Because of Chase’s new rules coming into effect (or may already be in effect), go for the Marriott card first. Chase typically pulls from Experian.

Card 2: AMEX is more lenient than Chase with approvals and though they will see the Chase pull (as AMEX often times will pull Experian, as well), they care less.

Card 3: Temporarily freeze your Experian report here. Briefly, when you freeze your report you give the credit reporting agency permission to not allow anyone to pull your report–this includes the banks. People often do this for fraud protection, but churners do this to minimize credit pulls.

Then apply for Citi, which will alternatively pull Equifax only. They typically pull BOTH, so minimizing those pulls can be useful.

I say “typically” because there are some cases where Citi will require Experian to be pulled as well. So, if you’re not automatically approved, be sure to call the number on the application as you can provide them with a PIN to unlock your report.

What can these cards get you?

Let’s assume you get three of the four cards–that’s 197,500 hotel points! Yes they’re spread across different programs, but diversity can be helpful. As I outlined here, the earning of this Marriott bonus for myself and my wife yielded 5 nights in Tokyo, close to $1,800 value! That’s a good way to double down on these bonuses… But if spend is an issue, I’d still recommend following the order above for one person (unless you have a specific redemption in mind).

Marriott has a lot of properties, as does Hilton, but their highest category is 50,000 points; whereas Hilton’s highest category can cost 75,000 – 90,000 points! Wow. That being said, you can (and may want to) spread those 75,000 points for multiple nights.

Which card is best?

As always, this really depends on your travel plans.

The SPG card gives you the ability to transfer your points to some unique airlines. If that’s what you’re after (and not a separate airline card), the SPG card can give you 38,000 hotel points, or about 50,000 airline miles–remember transfers are 1:1, except when transferring 20,000–you earn a 5,000 bonus.. If it’s for hotels, the Marriott card and HIlton cards can go pretty far.

If it comes down to spend, I’d go for the Marriott card as it’s a Chase product, which may soon be more difficult to get approved for.

Just be sure you can meet the spend 😉

PRO-TIP! Where can I find out where the banks will pull credit form in my state? Be sure to use, an invaluable resources. Just enter the card name or it’s variation (AMEX, or American Express) and the state to get the most broad results.

Which card will you sign up for? Need ideas for where to use these points? Hit the comments!

-The Miner


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