[News] What you may have missed over the past few weeks…

[News] What you may have missed over the past few weeks…

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I intend for this post to be weekly, but as we were away… No time like the present!


The Hilton Surpass card has been upped to 100,000 points, for spending $3,000 in three months. This is the highest it’s ever been…. And what to do if you recently applied for this card, before the increase.

In a surprise devaluation:


Anbang, the Chinese investors, officially walks away from their Starwood bids. Of course someone else can come along, but that’s doubtful. Oh well.

Gary Leff at View from a Wing has an interesting analysis on the future of hotel mergers.

Speaking of mergers, it’s been announced that Virgin America will sell and merge with Alaska Airlines–what will the future of these points and miles be?

American has gotten rid of their 24 hour holds in favor of the 24 cancellation policy. This only applies to revenue (cash) tickets. I think this is a good thing; their other policy was confusing and misleading. This will NOT affect award ticket hold policies, however.

Marriott’s cash and points options are now available… if you can find them.

Match to Hilton Diamond until 2018–this was really useful on our last trip!

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