Quick Tip! Taking advantage of Winter Weather Waivers!

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Quick Tip! Taking advantage of Winter Weather Waivers!

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This weekend, the wife and I popped on down to Miami for a quick, weekend getaway. The weather was solid while we were there, but the rest of the country has been battling storm after storm. After checking into my original flight on Sunday night, which was a 5:30 AM departure from Miami to Atlanta, connecting for 40 minutes onto New York JFK, I checked the Weather Channel app, happening upon a lot of winter weather advisories.

This got me thinking: I have this less than optimal connection in Atlanta and a horribly early flight–And there was no way I’d pay that change fee.

So what’s a Miner to do?

When airlines issue weather waivers, if you’re flight is affected, you can usually change your flight. This means that:

Travel THROUGH Atlanta, on Feb. 8
Travel THROUGH Atlanta, on Feb. 8

I could have kept my original routing and possible have had a misconnect in Atlanta, been delayed, or even worse, cancelled. Knowing that I’d be able to change, I searched for award availability from Miami to New York. I found two options:

  1. MIA-JFK, 20,000 Skymiles – NS
  2. MIA-LGA, 12,500 Skymiles – N

‘N’ indicates Delta’s Level 1 and ‘NS’ indicates Delta’s Level 2 award space. I redeemed at a Level 1 award, for 7,500 Skymiles. But because they were the same fare class (‘N’), I didn’t need to pay any difference.

Not only did I get on a direct routing, get to wake up later for a 7:00 AM vs. 5:30 AM departure, I got an a flight that would have cost more miles. Cha-ching!

Lesson learned? 

Always look for winter weather waivers to use them to your advantage, like the above. Or, more commonly, there’s a waiver issued and you can’t actually travel for other reasons–you can usually cancel the award and get your miles back.


-The Miner

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