The Other Blogs I Read

The Other Blogs I Read

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Believe it or not, the travel hacker / credit card reward blogs industry is pretty crowded *gasp*!

If this isn’t your job, filtering through all the noise and finding meaningful and worthwhile content can be onerous. While my Feedly is stacked with every travel, aviation and rewards blog out there, here are a few to get you started (and I read them, too):

Travel is Free – Though he hasn’t posted in some time, Drew has some of the best guides to award programs (Cathay Pacific’s Asia Miles, stopovers on United), out there. He also has really useful maps by hotel chain that show hotel categories for using points.

Doctor of Credit – Doctor of Credit, or known as ‘DoC’, has such an extensive knowledge base about everything related to credit cards. Churning rules? Check. Checking account bonuses? Check. What does and does not count as direct deposit? Check. Literally. Everything.

TravelBloggerBuzz – If you want sarcasm and are jaded with the “hobby”, look no further.

MileCards – From what I understand, this is a corporately owned website, but that doesn’t prevent the authors from writing really solid content pieces on award space trends. They also write excellent and thorough beginner’s guides.

One Mile At a Time – I know I may get some heat for listing this, but if you’re looking for a first or business class review on a obscure carrier (Air Serbia, anyone?) then Lucky is your go to guy.

Cranky Flier – Cranky doesn’t write about credit cards or rewards, but he does write well written and topical pieces about the ongoing changes and challenges in the aviation industry. If you were every looking to learn more about how  airlines work, Cranky is a great place to start. Even for the uninitiated.

Saverocity Network – On here, Travel Is Free is part of that network, but the bloggers there tend to produce really different content. They also don’t push credit card links and tend to write about personal finance, cruise vacations and commentary on the points and miles industry.

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February 25, 2017 at 1:06 pm

Thanks for the link.

Good guide…except that One Credit Card at a Time one 😉

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