Trip Highlights: London, England

Trip Highlights: London, England

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Though comprehensive trip reports can be interesting, I find them to be too much and too long to read, and often times, boring. So that’s why I’ll provide some highs and lows.

That being said, I’m more than happy to chat about specific aspects of the trip and location.

A Brief Intro

After numerous cancellations of various destinations, we finally settled on Europe for Thanksgiving. Europe, being so massive, we had plenty of places to choose from. We ultimately decided on London for three nights and Barcelona for two.

What I Loved About London

Though three nights is not nearly enough time to cover an entire size such as London, but I think we managed to scratch the surface.

The Underground 

There’s so much I loved about the Underground. I know this seems trivial, but I live in New York City and the subways here are a mess. In London, however, they were clean and efficient. Best of all is the Oyster card which are their version of subway cards. No swiping or inserting. Just tap and go!

The History

There’s an unreal about of history in the city of London and we were able to catch a glimpse of some of it at sites such as the Tower Bridge and the Tower of London (which features the Crown Jewels).

View of Winston Churchill looking at Big Ben
View of Winston Churchill looking at Big Ben

In particular, our tour at the Tower of London was lead by a wonderful guide (known as a ‘Beefeater’) who really made the story of King Henry VIII come alive.


The People

Our hotel was located right off of Oxford Street near the Oxford Street Circus Tube station. Oxford Street is located in the West End of London and is extremely popular for shopping. So on Saturdays it was packed. And I mean 5th Avenue times two! Though there was pushing and shoving to get to where we needed to go, I still found the people to be more proper and less rude.


What I Didn’t Love

The Cost

Yesterday I wrote about how travel is not 100% free. There are costs. Like attractions. The nice thing about London is that many of the museums are free – like the National Gallery and the history museums. However, a lot of the cooler attractions (like the ones above) cost. And they’re not cheap. It’s typically about $28 per person. That’s pricey.

The London Eye

The London Eye is a giant ferris wheel with extra large pods that lasts about 25 minutes. It takes the spectator up and around and gives impressive views of London… and that’s it. Sure, views of any city are great but the Eye is overly priced at about $35 per person.


Though it looks nice, it's not worth the cost.
Though it looks nice, it’s not worth the cost.

The Eye is better from the outside – skip the expense!


Bottom Line – Would I go back? 


I’m disappointed that we didn’t have the opportunity to see some museums and go to the Harry Potter studios. The distance between New York and London is about the same as the distance between New York and Los Angeles. I definitely can’t wait to go back.

-The Miner

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