Welcome, Million Mile Secrets Readers!

Welcome, Million Mile Secrets Readers!

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Thanks for visiting my page.

I hope you enjoyed reading my interview on Million Mile Secrets! I hope I can share some thoughtful advice and information with you.

Things have been a bit quite on the site as I’ve recently started a new full-time job, but I have some nice content to share with my lovely readers over the next few weeks, so please stay tuned!

If you’ve just arrived, feel free to check out some interesting articles on Kosher in Barcelona or the difficulty of finding award space on Hawaiian Airlines.

I’m sure you spend a lot of time reading other wonderful blogs dedicated to miles and points, so why should you spend some time reading this? Well, I don’t use credit card affiliate links and I try to explain the pros and cons to every card. Points and miles can get you to amazing destinations in amazing ways. But,  at the end of the day, I firmly believe that not every credit card is a good fit for everyone – you have to do what’s best for YOU!

Take some time to poke around the site and feel free to drop any questions in the comments section!

-The Miner

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