What I Don’t Post About…

What I Don’t Post About…

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…Manufactured spending.

Manufactured spending is the process by which one generates, or manufactures money spent to reach a sign-up bonus or generate points with as little as real expenditure as possible,

Why Don’t I Post About… Manufactured Spending?

When bloggers post about these things, they die.

Take for example:

  • Target Redcard by AMEX… Dead
  • Vanilla Reloads… Dead
  • Buying coins from the mint… Dead
  • Amazon payments (I had three of these when I first got started)… Dead
  • Serve by AMEX… On life support

These are just a handful of methods over the past several years that have died. Of course, new methods come and go, as will anything in any hobby, but over the past few weeks the miles and points world has been hit harder than normal.

So how do you discover new methods?

Read. Read a lot. Any hobby takes time, and if you want to be serious about earning and burning, and you need access to fake spending, then you have to take time to do the research, read forums, and join groups.

Is there a happy medium?

There are three approaches one can take with sharing tips/tricks/hacks when it comes to this topic:

  1. Share everything! Why should these methods be limited to a select few? We all want to travel for free!
  2. Share some things… Those things which already are so well known, and will die eventually, with or without blogger intervention. (Amazon payments comes to mind).
  3. Share nothing overtly; drop hints and point people in the right direction, but spoon feeding or methods on life support are never shared.

A majority of blogs I read take the second stance, the “happy medium”, if you will; one blogger (who shall rename nameless) in a bowtie posts everything, such as how he opened up five Alaska airlines credit cards in one day. Now you’re lucky if you get two.

I take the third stance.

Do you agree, or disagree with my decision to not over share? 


-The Miner



March 11, 2016 at 9:15 pm

Either MMS is holding things back or he just doesn’t catch on very fast. Multiple Alaska cards had been known for several months MMS just took it to an extreme, it was already on life support. Citi AA World Elite loophole was another, that was going on for more than 6 months until the big guys blogged about it, nothing lasts forever.

Thanks for the daily dose of entitlement though. Only getting 2 of the exact same card on the same day must be really rough.


March 11, 2016 at 9:42 pm

Yes, that’s my point. Alaska cards have been going on for a while. So either he decided to post it to maybe boost his readership, or he just discovered. Either way, I dislike it but I understand why he did it. I just take the stance on this blog not to post about it. Which is my right, as it is his or anyone else’s.

And with Citi, you seem to agree that when big names posted about it it died; correct?

What happens when all these methods are ousted? The banks are catching on quicker. And then there will be nothing. Or every month, instead of every four or five months people will be scrambling for miles and different earning methods. If you agree with the latter, perhaps there’s no point to this “hobby”at all?

We need to get creative and somewhat secretive. Travel hacking doesn’t all need to be mainstream.

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